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Mama Kala and her 2 baby goats (kids)

GOat FUND ME! Update

Thank you friends!  Because of your generous donation upon our call for help, we have 40 goats adopted!  Want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of you who were generous in helping us and we will update you on which goats were adopted and by whom.  We will also share with you their new name, should those who adopted them decide to change them.  Mahalo again Friends!

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October 12, 2020


Mama Kala and her girls   We would like to announce that we are starting a new fundraiser to help us to continue to care for our 100 goats we have on property. You can adopt one of our 100 goats for $1,000 for five years.  In the five years you will recieve every six…

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October 12, 2020

Fluffernutter – C. Lindley

Remy – G. Jensen

Prince – B. Johnson

Tily – B. Johnson

Sara – M. Phillips

Tulip – K. Dadakis

Lightning – M. Lambert

Nala – T. & ME. Vanek

Apple – S. Richardson

Florence – S. Daily

Judy – S. Daily

Kayla – R. Eck

Snowflake – P. Modungo

Babs – C. Cochran

Phoebe – C. Cochran

Biscuit – B. Trigg

Cambria – D. Merson

Lila – D. Merson

Erin – M. Cooke

Kanani – C. OBrien

Mariah – M. Overton

Nusebud – D. ver Steeg

Pele – L. Schabloski

Rose – D. Kelley

Star – S. Latvala

Dory – D. Cooper

Pegasus – S. Garone

Sabrina – M. Julian

Smokey – J. Zuanich

Banshee – C. Jackson

Lucky – D. Hunter

Molly – K. Moross

Pixie – S. Butler

Snig – M. Traveland

Hoku – J. Holden

Maya – J. Holden

Sprout – K. Skyes

Butterfly – L Kohn & D. Salkovitz

Edelweiss – D. Eggen

Lana – L.  Bryan