Evening Chore & Milking Tour

Help with goat milking!

Quick Details

Earn your cheese by helping with the goat dairy chores!

Assist in the evening chores at Surfing Goat Dairy while touring the farm and experiencing a day in the life of a goat farmer! Learn all about the different feed we give our herd, the history of our dairy, and much more about our working dairy goats.

Learn to hand milk a goat, then help with the evening feedings and learn more about our award-winning cheeses and how they are made. Your mouth will water at the sight of theses gourmet Maui goat cheeses.

At the end of a job well done, you even get a ribbon saying “I Milked a Goat Today” to commemorate your goat dairy experience.

This includes a brief informational tour about the history of our dairy. Feed the goats in the pasture area, watch while they are machine milked, learn to hand-milk the goats (yes, you get to try it!), and find out how our delicious gourmet cheeses are made. End the tour with a small sampling of some local cheeses.

If you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at this working Maui dairy farm, book online today!